Monday, February 21, 2011

Bucket List #2.

"Come lets go to the park and have a stroll."

My mom said we need to get out from the house. Alright lets go for a walk then but being me, i ran instead.
& i almost fainted. My heart can't take it. (damn it i used to run for my state for 5km)

So here i am, making my bucket list. I swear i thought my heart gonna stop pumping.

1/ G12.
2/ New phone.
3/ Steady savings.
4/ Travels.

Looking forward for my Bangkok trip. For now, indulge myself with Chocolate IceCream.

Life is short, who cares about calories. 



okay ice cream is not helping at all and my heart rates still beating fast.  screw night.


Drake Sigar said...

Buying a new phone is on your list of things to do before you die? Most people put "climb Mount Everest." :P

Madmazelle said...

haha. i'm a gizmo freak. this is more like wish list for near future , i have my another bucket list, somewhere.

but climbing Mount Everest is not part of it. sadly.

jumping down from a cliff into a sea is thou :)