Monday, February 14, 2011

Je t'aime.

Few days ago, i had a chat with my beloved. We were on a car, riding through the night. Street lights shone upon your face, such serene. The radio was playing the usual pop music, raping our ears. Valentines Day was around the corner, i announced:

"Vday is coming! I ain't got any date, never celebrate vday with boyfriend..never. Maybe is a curse?"
"No worries, you're still young. You desperate?"
"No, just saying."
"Valentines, i remember years ago my love asked me out for a date, when was it? Like 50, 60 years ago? We went for a movie, i remember the song that girl sang in the movie.."

There she goes, singing with ever perfect voice, soothing voice.

"How was the song? Nice?"
"Yes very nice indeed. "
".... (wiping the corner of her eyes, i guessed she got teary thinking about her lover)"
"Did you sang this song to your lover?"
"No but old song have more feelings and emotions, song nowadays, you don't know what they talking about.. just not intense as the old song."
"I guess so.. (thinking deep) So how did your date ended? Did you give yourself to your lover?"
"NO! Women, we must keep our virginity. Once you loose it, you have no more value you see. I am smart, i dont just give it away like that."
"Oohhh yeah yeaaaaaaaa.."
"But touch touch can."
"Ooohhhh haha yeaaah"

I can't stop laughing at this point.

"You know last time, couples like to "do their business" by the bushes at night?"
"No kidding? Seriously?"
"Yes, if were me i wouldn't do it. I would rather be "thick face" request for hotel, at least i get the comfy bed! I don't want to get bite by some insects!"
"True true."
"He said:" Would you do it?" I told him:" Yea i would if you can afford a hotel room!"
"HAHAHAA.... (at the old days, hotel room rate is not really affordable among young adult)"

"You know by the bush, is quite risky. Your clothes might get stolen by the peeping toms. Some couple got no clothes to wear, they have to walk back home naked."
"Oh my."
"Yeaa, i remember one of my friend, bad luck. Her clothes got stolen and she was so embarrassed and had to walk home naked.. What was her name? Oh her name is ...."
"Erm you don't have to tell me her name.."
"XXXXXXX (continue spelling out her name)"

"You miss your love?"
"Yes, i miss him."

She continued singing throughout the ride, i sat at the passenger seat, listening to her sweet lullaby.

Such a humorous lady. Never failed to make me smile. She is my lovely grandma.

p.s My grandma only love is my grandfather. She said she had a lot of admires ( which i believe, she look absolutely beautiful then, and now) but she just stubbornly in love with my grandfather. She said she was stupid, i said that is real love. :)

Today is Valentines Day. Will you be my valentines, grandma? 
Sing me a song, i'll bring you roses. 

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