Saturday, March 7, 2009


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I'm very happy i have this mom, that is one of the reason why. haha you rocker but why izit complicated(that's her facebook)? I wonder. Lucky dad dont have facebook if not you two might be some sort of virtual war or i dont know what might happen kind of thing. @@

& received a mail from Barsonic group and they uploaded some videos of Shinichi & Masatoshi @ Barsonic, Zouk KL. I laughed when i saw the videos cause i can see Keat dancing, Yvonne and me avoiding the dive and Khaiming jumping. LOL gotcha!

I like this song. I am recording beside von, 
yea the bright white light is me haha.

Avoiding heavy material.

Khai Ming and Keat dancing.

Life is wonderful, for awhile.


HAPPY 21st BIRTHDAY to my buddy Kay! Can't believe that we are 21 i mean you are 21! haha my time hvnt arrive yet. ahem. I gonna wish you happy like a small kid get a bunch of sweets, i wish you healthy like a new born  giraffa, i wish you wisdom like gandalf the wise and i wish your business start up smoothly like silky straight shampoo! & thx for always belanja me makan good stuffs, play with me, listen to me whine and make me laugh. I glad that i have you as my fren! i know i promise you something but wait ya! :D HAPPY BIRTHDAY MY DEAR FREN. rawr rawr rawr. 

* Sorry about the other night whn i ter-call you at a wrong time and wrong day. :D tee-hee.

6/3/2009 3:30am
"Hello, today somebody gonna be 21 rite!? ( excitingly)"
" Er, what say you?"
" hmmmm ( thinking), today is not your bday isn't it?"
" Is 2 days later"
" Fuck. Sorry i will call you again later :D"

Yea i got bad memories but i do mean it. cheers.

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