Monday, March 2, 2009

Shinichi Osawa. Awesome

Last night was the best damn dj night with Lapsap, Shinichi Osawa & Masatoshi! I manage to get in Zouk, Barsonic! yay 21 is not that bad after all. Check my ID CHECK CHECKKKK I DONT MIND! ahem.  The spin was awesome all the songs were damn fine! Those japs really know how to make us move~ just dance.

Yvonne was Shinichi's biggest fan. She got star strucked. HAHA unbelievable ey and pretty funny to see her kept laughing there & looking at the deck (duh at Shinichi). I just banged my head for the whole night. Now my neck sakit. woooo~

The Djs~ aishiteru!

only 4 of us but we enjoyed it.

Ohhh i bumped into Jasper. = = oh my my. Babi 1st thing he asked was:" where is my cameras." Of coz i in denial, is not me, it might look like and sound like me but is not me. Dammit.

Here 2 of his famous remix, Pogo and Star Guitar :

You should feel what i feel, you should take what i take~

*i recorded the live performance of star guitar. Superb. Upload nex time.

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