Monday, March 16, 2009


A fabulous gorgeous maid in Manhattan.

Yesh. It is me~~ with a public wig. I don't know how many human wore that shit. Thinking should i keep my hair long or not, kinda bored with short hair but i lazy with long hair. 

In order to be more lady, i might keep a long wavy sexy hair to see if i can achieve my natural born essence which is - being a girl.. ew. I got long hair last time but is sux ( for me ). 

On 2nd thought maybe a wig is better choice. :D So that i can have short hair on Monday, Wednesday and Friday then long hair on Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday. Well Sunday i can wear a darth vader mask or something. t(-_- t) shit my mind is polluted with 'i am your fathaaa'!

Will my face look smaller with long hair..hmmmmmm tempting. 
Arrgh see how it goes with da flow~


yap hensem said...

botak je. punk rock. thou ngo~

sepet vernz said...

ape gorgeous maid in manhathan pula...

retarded maid laaa from kepong~

BuG said...

i dont want botak!

and i am not retard! xD