Friday, March 6, 2009

Mad like Madog

This week random-ness:

On Friday, i met a huge bear (taller than me) in one of the classroom, since i am such a heroic person, i took out my personal dagger and stabbed the bear! I saved the day yea i know i know:

Early Friday morning, Sir Charuk aka my master aka my dai goh fainted when he tried to teach me how to marker render. Poor Charuk holding his pencil and his pencil render sketch:

Wednesday night, alone in my room watching movies ( hsemates having fun at Jason Mraz's Concert) but i enjoyed it. I am actually happy that night:

Wednesday morning class, the lect decided to have a mini class trip next week to where? Petrosains. This is best bro~ ! Other than that, Cheese just got a new admire! (Hint: tshirts) :

& Khairul told Kok Yong about the Kok Yong song ( Battles - Tonto). Brave brave but i laughed nonstop. U r the best bro~ :D Anyway tats my cap:

Tuesday night, Yvonne feeling experimental and she make up herself as Amy Whinehouse:

Sunday night, Roy wanted to interview some minah rempit so i asked Adam for a favour, isn't he lovely? Haha XD :

Last Saturday, helped my MI friend with their video shooting production. My role was a passerby with a cheesy boyfren. Is stupid but next time i will be the main character lmao. This is Keat with special effect makeup (konon) to make him look older and er sickier (make up credit to Yvonne):


*notice something? YA is backward~ woohoo!


Anak Pak Man said...

adam minah rempit BWAHAHHAHAH!

mat rempit la weh. mat. mat cool mat cool kawanku.

Madmazelle said...

anak pak man?? = = cheese keh
wt? hahaaa yea minah rempit XD