Monday, October 19, 2009

On schedule? Maybe. :)

Follow-up of the previous post

Yay. I gonna have my driving lessons soon! 3 classes if i not mistaken.. After that i will go for my driving test! Hopefully by these 2 weeks time, if i am ready. :)

As for my Arduino, i am thankful that my mom agreed to sponsor me and getting me this all the way from Singapore! My first time purchasing stuff from overseas...Cant wait for the day the Mr. Postman arrive at my doorstep.

About my job thingy, i haven't start reading about the company policy so i can't take the test yet, without passing any of the test, i can't really receive any jobs yet but i do receive the job scopes in my gmail. Looks challenging and hard, can i manage it?

i want to say:

Not giving up yet, remember my dreams and fucking get it all. ( I really should work on my dream board)

I need my family support, full support as i am not capable yet. Grateful for it.

Sometimes a little push and bunch a support are all you need to keep moving on in this life.


书其 said...

about RM230.. mmm seemed affordable =P congrats for getting the job ^^ almost la.. hehe.. what kind of job izzit anyway? XD

BuG said...

havent get the job yet :D haha

freelance job thou


RM230 ...exp for me haha

书其 said...

i see i see.. wish you best of luck oh =D

Sepet Vernz said...

you draw that meow looking thingie?

Anonymous said...

dah smpai bgtau! boleh tengok.

BuG said...

dah sampai!