Sunday, October 4, 2009

Machinarium Demo!

I've been eye-ing Machinarium ( a indie game) for a long time. Finally now they have the demo version released! Downloading now and gonna test it later. :)

Why i attracted to it? Because of the art direction of the game! Is eerie but fantasy, i like those stuff and i guess is some sort a puzzle game maybe. Check out the screen shots :

(images from

Anyway, check out the official sites for more details. As for the demo, you can get it from here, ( this is a better download site than the fileplanet or )

Can't wait to play this game! But now i think i gonna slp, is almost 8am in the morning and yes i still awake! Just got back from a party after party and some ahem session with frens. Tired tired. Drank few shots of vodka and tequila and yeaa i gonna sleep now!

Try the game and tell me if you think is awesome. Btw is the award winning independent puzzle or adventure game. If you played Samorost ( from AmanitaDesign) before, you will know what game i talking abt.

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