Monday, October 26, 2009

Hello to Arduino!

Yesterday got back home from Cameron Highland! It was fun and cozy..the game night was the best with the self-made steamboat! :) Anyway i met my cousin, mom and aunty at the Sungai Buluh Jejantas resting place there and they passed me my Arduino parcel! The one that i ordered from the Sgbotics site. I was so excited! :

Air mail from Singapore!
I always loveeeeeeeeee parcel..

Small parcel!

Invoice and the packaging.

Just like a newborn to
know it more..

Arduino Duemilanove :)
how to pronounce it?

Tested the basic and simple tutorial with Cheese :)

Kinda stucked at the part where we have to use the photocell to replace the button as the input but failed. Gonna experiment with it again later :)

Anyway when the LED blinked we were so excited:

btw the Lord was very happy with our progress on his new Death Star. May the force be with you!

Now i need toolkit box...and all those tools...screwdriver,solder, multimeter etc etc. Shall pay a visit to KL , the street that sell electronics stuff near Timesquare.

Update on driving : Exam in these few weeks time. I am ready .. soon. Hopefully :P

Later gonna read up the ebooks that cheese gave me and learn some ActionScript 3.0

*gonna post some funny videos abt the Cameron Trip in facebook :D

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