Sunday, November 1, 2009

Wrong pick.

3pm, went to my aunty's convocation at Unisel,Kuala Selangor. I was the cameraman, as usual cause i got the dslr. Ha! After that went to makan at a i-heard-is-quite-famous beggar chicken restaurant at Ijok. After that uncle treated us for a karaoke session with all the relatives.

Reached home around 2am plus and about to get ready to sleep. Suddenly, sister went to cook macaroni & cheese. Is okay at first but she let me tried some of it. Thats the part where everything went wrong. My stomach started to get more hungry and hungry. No choice had to eat something. Picked 2 chocolate bars. One taste like shit another one contains caffeine. Took another one with the caffeine to wash away the awful taste of another chocolate( the filling taste like medicine).

So i ate two coffee like chocolate.

Eyes wide awake.


* Driving lesson at 11am later! NOOOO

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