Wednesday, November 18, 2009


I am listening to Spirited Away Soundtrack now ( only 3 tracks, my favourite are Procession of the Gods and Day of the River) I think the tracks are amazing, even the movie is stunning, visually and the storyline settings. I love it! All these mythical creatures and world just blown my mind away and into this fantasy world. The scene where after the pouring rain, the whole rail track got flood by water and form an ocean between lands. My fucking god, i can hold my breathe there. Is just so amazing :)

I wan the full soundtrack!! Who got?

Dear Hayao Miyazaki,

Can you make a game like that for me to experience the world? I think it would be amazing to explore every corner of the game by you! The little surprise, nostalgia feelings.....but out of this world!

Wouldn't it be niiiceee??? In ps3? with picturesque sceneries ( with the help of ps3 graphic's) OMG thinking of it make me hyperactive!!!! HUNT RPG GAMES NOW!

Or IF i can, i will find a team and develop a game similar to that :) not just fighting monster....something more than that! Wait for it!

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