Monday, November 16, 2009


Suddenly last night, i had this weird feeling that i considered as revelation or my much horror, realisation about the fact that i am screwed.

It hits me! That this short semester ( 8 weeks ) i am quite "full of myself" which means here stucked with all bunch of things. My final year project, my SRI (thesis), badminton (holyshit the fitness test!), google student collaboration, car driving (this friday is the day man), friend's website and my body health issues.

Buckle up lads, time to go for a rollercoster ride! (lamest line for now) but wait! all heroes have to go through some hell like torment or temptation before they reach their salvation rite? Well my my, i hooked up with my phat little psp again :D Good! It's been awhile and i hardly recognize my poor psp, so much changes and so many new games coming out! Gonna try Little Big Planet and Disgaea 2. Waiting for my old fren to teach me how to "ahem" it. The sad part is i unable to track down Final Fantasy 9 disc4 for my psp! Sigh.

Ahh~ the old days

"Every me and every you, cause there nothing else to do." Singing along to this song Everymeeveryyou by placebo! A great song dont you think and suit the great movie! but the sequels of the movie sux big time.

I am so hungryyyyyy, i ate high fibre cookies and an apple for the whole day. I feel nothing. Me want more. Okay shall end this post now, i just hope everything goes my way even if is stranded away from the road sometimes but please do come back to my way.

Yesh praying to myself. You can go pray for your own god, imma let you finish but britney spears have the best come back ever! Ever! (suddenly just pop out)

Kick some asses!

Pssst: I cant even recall the feel of being in cinema anymore. Sigh but i get to watch few movies in my own house. Movie rent from my provider Charuk :D


theng.philosophy said...

i can feel the same. T.T

Madmazelle said...

It just hits me! Yesterday whn trying to do my SRI suddenly felt that the air is so thin to breath... = = haih.

Really need to reprogram our brain to absorb faster and get use to the fact that we are final year student haha

lets add oil!