Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Ahh the time

I got addicted to video recording and editing ;) arhhh~ i still love film! Well my initial plan was to go in Film & Animation course anyway but Digital Media Art is amazing too :) Technology fascinates me.

I recorded with my hp~ ( no dvcam) of the making of Chocolate Moose by me and sis but i was just playing around. Compiled the video and discovered i dont have any good footages of the final product, chocolate moose. Well, to compensate that, i edit the video with woohoooo effect.

Wonder what is woohoo effect? Try to be happy and shout:" Woohoo~" or listen to I am the Walrus by the Beatles. Okay i just trying to be colorfulish.

And damn the facebook for not allowing me to post this video! So i shall share it here :O

& disclaimer : the audio of the video is by Happy Up Here - Royksopp. I do not own the music. Just using it for personal purpose cause i think the song goes well with the feel of the video.

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