Sunday, April 13, 2008

Pd one night

Another Bday~

Straight after deco half way my group's video shoot set background ( music video production assignment ), is time to get ready to go PD! Is one of my coursemate - Victoria Bday Surprise Party. At the same time my another 2 hsemates bought PSPs!!! I damn high lo! awww babies. XD Will post pics of psp in the next post.

Okei back to PD trip! ( incase dono what is PD = Port Dickson ). So we start our journey at around 1am, 3 cars ! Highway is freaking dark and GUESS what? Not one of us really know how to get there. Basically we just GUESS and HANTAM all the way there. Luckily CHeesy JianWei and Anna know the way when we get to the city area of seremban.

Cars are cutting each other... = =

" Take over them!! "
"Wait ! Maintain the speed!"
"FAster!! eh slow slow~ let them lead"

Damn funny. 无奈. Don't worry ~ we all drive damn slow =) . after almost 2 and half hrs......... WE FINALLY REACH THERE! ( found a beach with lights and petrol station just right opposite. Strategy spot) Ohyea Vic just kena blind folded all the way from Cyberjaya till PD. She dono where the hell she going. SURPrISE~

BLoW the candles~~~ You are officially older and older =D ! Nana even bring laptop ~ so we got song to groove the nite away! Cha cha cha~~ These are what we did in pd beach :

*Sumo wrestling...Gal group win ya =D cheers ( i like this)
*Random chasing...
*Burn marshmallow ~ ( thx my friends that light the fire up! hardwork there)
*Open up beers....BETA house style! Cyndi you rocks... haha
*Grab people up to throw in the sea but failed - -
*Talk craps
*Take jumping photos..
*Dance ^^ Group dancing
*Eat Maggie cup ( me )
*Eat nasi lemak....

GO back home .....sleep all the way in the car! Damn tired and tired. Reached home around 830am and woke up at 230pm again to deco the set! 青春 sial. - - I like our set. will post pic about it soon ! stay tune!

and once again HAPPY BDAY VIC! camwhore time :

Starting up fire....clueless~

Khai Ming, Me n Myra-chan~~ i not drinking~

Keep drinking~~ puff puff

Ultraman pose will be the latest trend. HAHA

Chill out. to slim face?? - -

Drink lagi~~ not me XD

Drunk. Sleep.

Pose with bday gal~~ Vic in the mid yo.
ultraman pose!!

Vic sexy pose. =D i dono what i am doing..

YOU! Is the bomb now XD

Ultraman pose again~ haha

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