Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Nana bday

Happy Bday Nana!

Happy bday nana-chan~20 years old lu! Wish you happy always and be good hehe. Went to LapSap at Pallete Pallete to celebrate ( so ngam got party tat day ). So we went there at around 11pm and DANCE!

I got nothing to wear again . = =" So just randomly wear a scarf ( i know is hot ) and tee and skirt LOL XD funny weird. I suka. Anyway everybody is dancing like mad and the best part is they play POGO! awesome. i love this song.

At the end there got some cantonese and chinese oldies song - - (emotional ) Everybody was hugging together in circle...awwww.

Here we go again :

Lengzais and Lengluis

WickedCindy, WeirdMe, Bday gal Nana.

Say Cheese~

KittyKeat smiling happily . . . Nice atmosphere

Camwhore time. Where is my scarf?


Von, Cindy, Me(i look like constipation), Nana,
half KhaiMing face(okei not even half)

Face red...cause dance like maniac

Another rocking night with Lapsap~ awesome

That night my neck dman pain cause i keep head bang. - - dono why just feel like head bang all the way XD woohoo~ everybody is tired and exhausted. When is the next session? hehe


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