Thursday, April 10, 2008

Rest in Peace

Rest in Peace

The truth is my grandpa passed away when i was typing my previous post ( which i din know that he already gone).I feel stupid, was wishing him well yet he already passed away. I only know this devastating news when i got in the car. He leave us all on 5th April 2008, 8:50am .

Unexpected. Suppose to go back and see him. No chance to see him for the last time. I stayed at Johor for 5 days. Sat till Wed. Skipped all my classes.

The funeral . .

Gosh. Lots of things happened. don't wan to talk about it anymore. okei let me summarize with few sentence :

Shitty no manners kids, IDIot no brain kampung biker budak, and SELFISH ASS ******.

Well, when all the relatives and frens pay our last respect on Wednesday. I cried again. When they close down the coffin, we were not allowed to look at it. I cried more. Is the last time i will ever see his lovely face again. No matter how, A DA now you can rest in peace already, no more suffering here.

Take care and 安心上路吧。

My Grandpa when he was young and lengzai XD

We will miss you .

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