Tuesday, April 15, 2008


Love Uver

Damn. Takuya is looking more hot now! After 3 or 4 years from the 1st album timeless~ NOW whn i check on Uverworld again. They all look so awesome now! love love love. I remembered the time when i used to stalk them insanely. My favourite jpop/rock/rnb/hiphop band ever ( actually is hard to define a genre to them..who care! dont have to label anything)!!

If you guys dono who Uverworld is..check them out in google ya! Takuya your voice damn sexy XD Watched the newer music video of Uverworld - Ukiyo Crossing and Roots. One word - Yeng . His hair so nice XD be my bf!

Did i mentioned their live is awesome? Yea is damn freaking awesome...!! i wan go to their concert!!!! UVERWORLD! COME MALAYSIA! or sponsor me ticket to japan? XD

All time fav tracks : SHINE, SORA and RUSH and etc. XD Okei all i love .


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