Saturday, April 12, 2008

Aaa no make up go clubbing

Belated Bday Post

Yo. Celebrated Kitty Keat (my hsemate) 20th birthday at KL...~~

Damn funny lo. Cause lots of people going together so we went with 4 cars and cause of some miscommunication the car i in it went to wrong place! haha went to rumms but actually we suppose to go to heritage row there. LOL Lucky din go in and pay (for the guys). So after calling and asking and wondering and frustrating, we finally reach there. haha

1st went to the loft, i wore a spec ( from umar) so that i looked more mature. HAHA i always look younger than my actual age. oh well gonna be 20 soon but still look like sweet 16. XD

(I think my outfit not suit to clubbing at all LOL and no make up. = =)

BUT! we din end up at loft cause most of our boys wear round neck t. Maison it is . The bouncer doubt that i am the same person in the IC. coz i cut my hair . . *stare *

i din know the back of my hair look like tat . @@ haha

Bday boy in the middle having fun.

I swear i will never go that place again. Damn fucking crowded with ............ and yea fucking crowded. - - Lapsap party is way better~ nu rave~

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