Sunday, April 18, 2010

Video Games Live @ KL!

Who says video games are for kids? Hell no. Not just for the juvenile but for us, who grow up with video games,  gamers got older but their love and passion for games will never fade. Do you know that average game players age around 30+ (male)? Not that i am 30 now, but i've been playing video games since i was like 8 years old?
NES > PC > PS1 > PS2 > PSP > PS3

So going to VGL is a mandatory for me! (almost gave up on it because of my sloth-ness and transport issue) I made it to Kuala Lumpur Convention Center and i think the whole KL people were there because of the PC Fair. I can't bare the sight of over-crowded crowds. I still glad that i reached there and able to enjoy the awesome-ness of video games' music! I recorded some of the performances in VGL :

God of War!

Space Invader Challenge

Kingdom Hearts!


Final Fantasy 7 : One Winged Angel!

Gamer Forever! Yay. haha

*notice the image and video quality? Yeaa i lost my spanking new handphone and i'm using my old phone now :(   1.3megapixels.... 

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