Friday, April 16, 2010

My little dream.

When i first came to my university, my first choice to get into Film and Animation department but i chosen Digital Media instead. Well, i never regretted my choice. Digital Media gave me more freedom in term of generating concepts and ideas, creative and critical thinking. And all those new media exposure, man my major is fucking awesome. hehe.

Yet, my love for films are still burning and growing..I discover new amazing movies everyday from the 50s to the current. Film is very important to me, is like my get away space to something out of the world. Some life that i will never be in or experience but i living the very moment in the film.

Okay enough crap.

Me and my kick-ass comrade - Charukphong planning to join the Philips' Parallel Lines competition. You really need to click the link and check out the five very different films with the same one piece of dialog. See how different directors interpret their own version of the stories.

As for us, we are now working on the script part. Charuk said, after two weeks(finish our FYP) we shall try and finalize the script. We need some good HD video camera or dslr like D90 or 5D? hehe

I dream a little.

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