Sunday, July 26, 2009

me want my movies

bloody hell man. I dont want transformer!
i want my moviesss!! why msia so damn fcking slow?

Okay. Chill is just my Sunday blue due to Monday hatred.
I know Monday is innocent but he never ask for this, i never ask for this too.

Oh why a he? Cause i always think that Monday is a He. It must be tough to be hate so a he would be suit to be Monday. Tuesday is a she. Wednesday is a she too. Thursday is a He. Friday is SHEMALE. haha i dont know why. Just feels like it. Saturday is a He. Sunday is a She but a old SHE more like a big fat aunty kinda SHE.

Monday would be a scardy men. Tuesday would be a classy mid age lady, single. Wednesday is a gal, teenager gal, naive but smart. Thursday is a gentleman, confident working class. Friday just freaky friday.

This is how i perceive the everyday. What abt you guys?

Anyway cant wait for:

- 500 Days of Summer
- Where the Wild Things Are
- Alice in the Wonderland
- Shutter Island
- many more........................

OH.....AVATAR this movie i want to know more. Why this movie will change the filmmaking industry? Charuk explain pls! haha
- Shutter


AlterEgo said...

That, is a very, interesting explanation about the days! LOL

Madmazelle said...

ya which means i living with an old man now... power draining monday.

= 3=

what abt u?

Krom said...

I just explain to u d....
Hehehehe, just wait for the trailer in august