Wednesday, July 8, 2009

I just want to bang bang bang

Nay just kidding, i just want my holidays! (not gonna twitter!)
I just celebrated or should i say mourned my 21st bday last Wednesday! hooray for me. I am officially an adult but too bad i don't feel so, yet.

I guess PeterPan disease is very effective to me and Michael Jackson. Speaking of MJ, i do miss him (nostalgic) somehow even though we are not related but yeah. I used to dance to his music video last time when i am a little kid. My dad bought his cd or what, me and my sis watched the video and tried to mimic him. Yes. I did the moonwalk and failed epically (even the slanted body standing thing). Only the king of pop can do it effortlessly. RIP mr jackson.

Oh ya he can paint very well too. He got another talent other than singing and dancing. Somebody auction his works online and the painting(mickeymouse) that he did when he was a little kid sold at the highest price!

Okay back to my holiday thing, YEA I WAN HOLIDAYS! I do.

First gonna settle my license thing and then save some $$ ( mission impossible). Aww. COME ON! ( self doubt) People should think positive. The rule of attraction, when you think positive, positive things will attract to you. Sad to say i kinda moody and sad person inside. Sigh. No wonder lah.

So guys, think positive like + not - HAHA lame.

Should i give up or should i just keep
chasing pavement?

Oh. Back to my 21st years of solitude on earth speech. AHEM not solitude more like full of surprises 21st years.. *wink* I dono wtf am i saying. Yeah. Thx you all my family, relatives, cousins of celebrating my bday and of coz always take good care of me eventhough i a bloody bad seed.


My dear buddies and friends, thank you all so much! Ive been an ass hole yes i know but you all still like me rite? :D HAHAA You all are my diamonds... i dont need diamond! ( i prefer cash btw lbms). * what is lbms? since theres lol, lmao, why not lbms? Laugh By MySelf. HAHA
thx for all the wishes, presents, celebrations!


My dear bf! The best i ever had. No phony, corny stuff here but hey, i love you! =) i wan makan! muahahaa

My thoughts:

Screw 21.
Live. Laugh. Bora Bora. HERE I COME!

* upload my humble bday pics soon.

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dr manhattan said...

chasing pavement? chase monkey la wei. makan kambing la wei. love ya =)