Tuesday, July 28, 2009

PS3 Hype.

Just now was experimenting with the PS3. And yesss the internet browser is much better than PSP. HAHA at least it can load my blog page without fail! (unlike my psp - - ) The display is very wide and 'huge' on the TV. & the loading is slower thn the usual loading time.

Oh and it load my songs too! cool :

& i just played Little Big Planet Online with my sister and bunch of unknown players around the globe but suffer from lagness. Sigh. Internet line sux lately.

Overall cool experience for me. HAHA.

Time for me to slp... Sigh another day of work!!! till then.


AlterEgo said...

oooohhh!!!! I see me XD

BuG said...

hehe yes i u gal! XD wahaha on my tv