Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Jonathan Harris

Argh. I feel unwell, my head hurts, there is a tiny, soon-to-be my new pimple growing at my chin, the hell my chin again!!! Anyway but i really want to record down this person existent in my blog, Jonathan Harris.

I love his works!! Mainly is about data visualization, information but he made it interesting and fun to explore. Since i am not good with words i shall let the visual amaze you all! First check out his TED talk then you will know what i was trying to say in the past few sentences:

I know you wan to check out the website!!! CHECK IT OUT >

I like this because is personal and i like how he and his mate present the (millions) data in such an amazing, simple way. I wonder do the I FEEL sentence i wrote end up in the pile of data.

Here's another one from him:

Check out the website! : I want you to want me

Lovely isn't it? I like these 2 very much. I just love the concept behind it, explore how human express themselves, just using a simple flow: collect, analyze, present. The littlest things in our daily life can gives such impact and thoughts to one self.

Simply awesome. :)

* my grammar sux.
* work stuck. brain stuck. showreel stuck. damn.

but is okay cause at least i discovered something fantastic. ( ahhoyy)


mat rempit said...

shit. damn cun la.

BuG said...

nice rite!!