Sunday, July 19, 2009

Never too late :D

My day:

1st surprise celebration by Ying, Biao and Daniel waikit. Nostalgic. They celebrated for my 18th or 17th bday during the Germany World Cup. Yes 4 of em! Thx you my buds!

Halo waikit, one slot of photo of you! haha

2nd the best
Another surprise by my secondary sch and gaming frens:

MTFK damn tired face. Oh well. I was a bitch that day HAHAHAA. Sorry guys but you know i love you all rite? :) I got an esprit purse and special made pikachu cheese cake by Kay. muax.

3rd times the charm:

Had a surprise lunch time with my mates! Thx you all so much for the surprise lil gathering and of coz the prezzie! The hobbit collection!

Update more later. kinda sleepy now! wahaha Here are the photos:

My girls. I am the king of causeee.

My men. =) cis

Budak sabah, budak kaya tak ada kawan, budak 21, budak nana.
Thx you so much for organizing :D

Thx all for coming! :)

Last but not least, my faithful slave...

Hell yeah!

We will meet again..! Cya all in final year... ahoy mates!


Sepet Vernz said...

ish, family celeb takde.

Anonymous said...

jum lepak. i'll pay you

mat top

Madmazelle said...

family celeb in camera ... lazy transfer haha

Madmazelle said...

mat top : lepak mana?

bye bye blackbird said...