Wednesday, July 8, 2009

I miss siber dunia

You hear me right! I MISS CYBERJAYA ( for now)
& good news! i might be going back to CJ on friday night for the greater good!


Dear FA fren that gila-bagus-pergi-mampus in After Effect please be my tutor! ( main purpose, yes seriously)
Especially my hsemates but they dont read my nonsense blog here i guess.

OH. I did some tutorials for ae and my lovely laptop can't really endure all those fancy fancy effects...susah (hint: borrow pc pls).

& Cheese promised me to belanja me makan when i get back! FREE MEAL!

I did this little effect(very easy) today, thx to the tutorial from :

Soft Shock by Yeah Yeah Yeahs!
( no intention of infringement just to enhance my vid,
you know, the song make it much cooler HA)

Welcome home to CJ! soon.

* while waiting for the video to be uploaded, i spend around 10mins on washing dishes. That's why people hire maid for a reason. ( & Indonesia permit their people to work here as maid after much negotiation.) I not a jobsist or jobist or what, just that house chores are not for me. I rather cook and rest, let your hard work kena reward by letting somebody else wash the dishes for you. :) If one day i become a hsewife, i must be a wife of a fucking rich billionaire.

*took me almost 1hr to upload this video. wtf.

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