Tuesday, September 1, 2009

I think i kena fuck.

These two days, i've been having migraine! Darn. I will loose my eyesight temporary...everything will be blank and bling... - - weird.

Anyway why i think that i will kena fuck soon? Cause my showreel for my intern company, yes the showreel again, yesss i not yet finish it. What took me so long? I dont know. Brain fart? I wan to do it..but i don't know the ways to execute it. I did alots of AE tutorials... but but but but i still dont know how to execute my own showreel. I got the ideas, i dont have the skills. :(

Finally i feel the stress of being a little intern.

Need GUIDANCE!!#*_!@$*@!_$*_!@


书其 said...

showreel no need to add so many effects geh.. just simply dump everything together like rojak can dy XDDD

BuG said...

thats what i thought..but nope they want something different with the normal reel...not just dump eevrything >.<