Saturday, September 12, 2009

Hard day night.

Just got back from karaoke session with my aunty, sista and my cousin how yee. My throat kinda out of tone now because i yelled and sang with high notes which are out of my league. - - too bad for the audiences.

It was a fun mini karaoke session at a small karaoke shops near my place. Small room, weird interface but friendly service.

Just like this photo, the room is small but the people is fun.
Replace those girls with me, my 30+ going 40 aunty, my crazy sista and equally crazy cousin.
ta da the ingredients are fun midnight.
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My aunty, i call her Bing Yi aka ice aunty. :D I must praise her because she is my awesome lovely aunty that fetched me (to sch) since i was in primary school. She is also a teacher and yes she taught me a lot about studies and how to be a person. She treats everyone ( couzzies and me) the same, in a good way. Amiable and magnanimous aunty i have here! Aint i lucky? Indeed. I got bunch of lovely, supportive, fun relatives...espeacially the women :D yes my aunties!

I hang out with my aunty. yeah.

p.s aunty treats! :D

p.s.s if only dad learn the ways to treat younger generation like normal people. Rank prejudice? my ass.

p.s.s.t drank carlsberg just now... i still feel quite energectic! maybe not. sleep. :)


Normaron said...

Looks like you having some great time there!

I stay over at office do my own stuff.

BuG said...

haha do your own stuff is quality time too :D