Sunday, January 10, 2010

I am the sloth.

I feel slothy when facing my thesis now.

I am not keeping up and the Google SMEs! Finally my team is getting the information and can start with the development of the websites. I have to speed up man...damn. SUNDAY! MUST FINALIZE MY THESIS AND BIND IT ON MONDAY OR TUESDAY! SMES ALL THE WAY, LATER THAT!

If i break my vow i will belanja my fren makan. Thats entitle to those who read this post and inform me about they wanna take part in abolishing my SLOTH-ness.

* i dont think anyone reading this....*continue slacking*

Arent they just look so funny? haha stumbled upon this photo in a web

Fuck, must i patronize myself to do something? Whats wrong? I fucking doing it for myself.

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