Saturday, January 30, 2010

What a week.

The busiest week for 2010.

Ran around in campus with a sick and bad throat, but i had sexy deep low voice. Now is gone! I am cured but am still coughing all the time. I don't really like it. Cough Cough, see i am coughing again.

I applied for the US study program but i was late. The person in charge said she will help me whatever she can after she read my application. It was on 27th Jan the actual deadline is on 29 Jan btw. Not literally late late.

And i did 3 simple websites for the Google Projects. Gonna finish up another 1 tomorrow and refine the others. & had a meeting with a client in Shah Alam with my mates. I dont think i can cope with that much of works for now. My main priority would be my FYP.

Had a sharing session with my coursemates. I shared about Pachube. I think i need to refresh my memory about Arduino soon.

Last but not least, played rockband with frens..... - - Today we played for 5 continuous hours. Oh well.

" Thats why darling, is incredible that someone so unforgettable~" Listening to NKC's song. Epic.


Anonymous said...

I`d love to!

Madmazelle said...

glad u like it :)