Thursday, February 4, 2010


Am i loosing myself among others? The more i try to be different the more indifferent i'll become.

Human are so unpredictable. When you thought that you know the person well but actually you aint got any clue. Bites back.

The more clearer i see and hear. I just want to be me again. Merci.

A black dot in a white paper.


It's been a sickish weeks, for me. For almost a week i had a low, sexy voice. And without notice, i was having fever at the same time. I hate medicine. Finally in the end, i lost the battle, went to visit the doc. Here were our conversation:

" Dah demam berapa lama? "
" 3 hari, dari Saturday hingga Tuesday. But dah heal."
" Oh okay. *took out thermometer and measure my body heat "

" Eh. You ada demam la "
" Oh yakeh? shit. "

One advice, never try to be your own doctor :D damn it, nowonder i was so tired for the whole week. So medication for another week. Guess what? PINK ANTIBIOTIC PILLS! Kill me please.
Never a big fan of antibiotics. They just sound so unhealthy. I not sure why.

And CNY is coming to dong dong chiang. i have the tendency to get serious illness during CNY or before CNY or after CNY. I remembered i had this scary red rashes all over my body for no reason. Wait, maybe CNY hates me but i like the poker session. :) i meant the gathering session with relatives.

Wish everyone have an awesome pre-cny preparation progress! Dong ching ke chiang ke chiang dong dong. Can i still get present for CNY? (still in xmas mood)

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