Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Not what i expected.

I sucked at public speaking, still. Wait is forever. Don't think i can get the seat for US study program. I thought it would be more artsy easy let's share our ideas on new media art but no.

Btw, i think i am going to revamp here soon. Kinda bored of it. What should i do with it? But not anytime soon. Gonna be active in my FYP. Check out my FYP log for cnc.

Freaking tired. Bye world.

Need a reality check and dream check. I am so mess up right now.


Normaron said...

I hate that part too =( public speaking =X

Try wordpress with ur own hosting, more things can be done =D (i think)

Madmazelle said...

yea norman >.< i tak boleh in public speaking hehe

need to buy own hosting oo... maybe after grad :P host own site!