Saturday, January 23, 2010

Hey Mr.Postman!

I think i have this fetish - Parcel! Since i am a small girl, i enjoy receiving parcel from Mr.Postman. Especially big, huge parcel! That 3 parcels i received were the online shopping aftermath! Actually there was another poslaju parcel, forgot to take photo with it. And two more on its way to me me me! Damn. I am good in rewarding myself. Well, thats what happen when you hiatus from shopping for too long. The BEAST had released!

But, yes BUT i still need at least a pair of new shoes, short pants and etc. :) Damn. So glad that i am a men in a dress. At least i can still play dress-up rite? Kekeke.

I bought a vintage bag, 2 leggings (one stripped one normal), a skinny jean, a lovely top and a electric blue blazer. Will show it here one day. I might.

Oh, i did a shooting with my mates yesterday for their final year project. Test shooting thou. I was one of the extras and a journalist that got toasted half way through the conference due to bombing. After the shoot, we did Mj's Thriller dance...but we sucked. I wanted to do zombie impersonation only, i ain't know how to groove like the King. We had fun i guess.

I hope the video will pop out somewhere, sometime. It would be nice to look at Charuk's funny dance moves. HAHA.

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