Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Looking Forward.

Forgive my ugly fringe and yeah i was pretty much energy-less.
Happy New Year 2010!
What is your resolution? I don't care either.
We just wanna kick-ass this year! Simple and nice.
May you all have a KICK ASS year ahead!

btw, do you all know the movie Kick Ass? Gonna be awesome i guess..i love Hit-Girl.
She is calm and cruel. Check out the Hit Girl red band trailer and the theatrical trailer of Kick Ass the movie:

Oh that thai-like guy in the new year video is my awesome kick ass friend Charukphong. He is very talented and hardworking. Inspiring. :D I know he will do great in the future. He major in Film and Animation, what about him? drawing and character + concept = awesome.

Check him our in KromIsBulat. Yesh Krom in Thai is Round which in Malay is Bulat.

The background song credit to Disco Ruido! Listen to the full version in my playlist >> :)

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