Monday, January 11, 2010

In the city.

I am kind of sick of facebook, is boring. I will deactivate the account when my new semester start, if you want anything updates about me, do come here, will update here often ( since i will be away from faceboook). Why? Is too crowded. Oh damn, what about those awesome music party rsvp? damn you facebook!

ahem, back to my title topic and here is the KL video! My housemates went to Kuala Lumpur (the core city of Msia), they had a shooting there for their Film and Animation FYP. Well as for mine, my project is more to installation art, theirs are special effect VFX kind of thing, different major but same faculty. Anyway i tagged along and shot this video, for fun (it's been awhile since i've been there) :

Just some random recording of whats going on around the street with my mates in it, recorded with my SE walkman hp. BTW, it was on New Year Eve! If you read my new year eve post, yea... i can't believed that i was in KL on that day. Usually i would just stay at home, munch some comfort foods and play some games or movies. I hate crowds (like i said) but i love to observe them. Contradicting.

My blog is quiet now, i don't like it, i will update my music player soon. Want to share some nice music here but doesn't mean you will like it but i bet you will love it :P

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