Monday, January 11, 2010


First photos with the girls, we known each other since secondary school! They are the pretty ones, i am the geek. Yay:

Revenge of the Geek.

We were at a pub called Library and yesh, we were served by librarian (waiter). Last time, I was a school librarian! Librarian don't drink but I drank Mojito and it tasted weird. Btw, that day was replacement celebration for my dear friend, YingYing. The well tanned girl on the left, she travels a lot. She is going to Bangkok, Thailand tomorrow. Lucky girl. We had fun that night! Secrets all out. Almost.

Not to forget my another best friend, Mr.Biao. Forever emo.
Damn you, you know i will always be there for you k!
We will keep your secrets with us... no worries. :)

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