Friday, January 1, 2010

Knock on the door of 2010!

Hello people!

This is shocking but i can't believe i actually went to KL - the city in new year eve. Yvonne woke me up at around noon and asked me to tag along to kl. They were going to shoot footages for their film so i thought i was going to do my work there in a nice cafe so i brought my laptop along (regret) and some SHOPPING.

Laptop...haih why i bring you out hang out with me around KL? Literally hang on my shoulder together with me. Anyway didn't get the chance to sit down and do my work because was late and etc etc. Ahem but i did shop a little. :) 3 items are little right?

Btw 1st of January is my roomate's birthday! Happy Birthday to Yvonne Chong! :P Me and Charuk planned to get her a present but we don't know what to get her so instead of buying ourselves we asked her to pick her own present but she couldn't got to pick any. And the shops were closing at around 10pm, so we took her to Bangkok Jazz! We were feeling thai-ish. KAP KUN KHAP (wrong).

I bit on some chili padi, god it was damn spicy. We had very thai dishes, som tum? (papaya salad), kuey teow something sup, fried cat fish with mango salad and sago with mango, coconut milk. Yummy. Happy birthday miss Von!

Then Yvonne separated with us, she went to KLCC to meet the others. Me and Charuk took train back to KL sentral. Yesh we were avoiding the crowd and the countdown. :) 1130pm, rushing to train station to catch the last KLIA express to back to Cyberjaya, home. Along the route, saw lots of ppl still going in to KL while we, away from the core of KL to isolation. HAHA.

Bought the last ticket, waited in the air-con waiting room. Train arrived at around 11:55pm.
We were crapping in the train and without notice, the clock almost strike 12am! 10, 9, 8, 7, 6, 5,4,3,2,1 ... HAPPY NEW YEAR! We shouted in the nearly-empty train. And of coz HAPPY NEW YEAR TO ALL MY FRENS and FAMILY!

Once i heard, how you spend your first day of new year determine the overall performance or look and feel of the rest of the year. So me and Charuk interpreted that our 2010, we will be spending time in the train, so which means travelling? Express train? So we will be moving fast forward? Let's hope our FYP will bring us far in future k :)

Tossed to our journey to money, health, future, success and fame! Ahhh, cheers.

So how did you spend your first day of 2010? :P

once again, HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO YVONNE & happy new year to all!

Have an awesome year ahead ya :)

*the last time i went out and really out and shopping was like 6 months ago. Thats why i was so excited rite XD

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