Tuesday, January 19, 2010

New start.

Hell yeah new sem/last sem had started! Check out my new hair cut. I cut it yesterday, the day before the sem reopen. Boy cut with a twist aka asymmetrical cut but i wanted shorter oh well.

Wearing: vintage short coat, fourskin tshirt (king) + harem pants.

Result finally out, bloody on the first day of new sem. Few of my mates got 4 flat...CONGRATZ! :) As for me, thanks to badminton i aint got no 4 flat. I never had 4 flat by the way. I got A- for my badminton subject, TAKE THAT KHAIRUL JOHARI! wahaha

Last sem, i need 0.03 more to get my free pass to debtless from PTPTN! DAMN IT! Last sem last hope last ride. Still have 3 subjects to go, can i make it? I hope i can, man. At least the thing i can do to get my ass free from anything.
For this sem, my main concern is my FYP. I just want to get over with the Google project. I think the reason why i can't really concentrate on it because my heart is with my FYP!! NOooOoo. Don't worry will clear the Google list first :) Hopefully by mid feb everything will be settled.

Oh, party in the USA. I hope i can get the opportunity to go to USA for the study program! *need to apply first*

Cheers to everyone. Have a kick ass semester! :)

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