Wednesday, January 6, 2010


I back in Kepong, my house. I can't sleep in my own room quiet and dark. Now i am in living room, on Tv and pc to accompany me. Now i am watching one of my favourite travel show - Globe Trekker! Btw is 4am now.

The show was showing about those beautiful islands in Carribean sea! I think is at Grenada. Breathtaking! The ocean have different tone of colours, shades of green, blue, dark blue, bright blue and white & the mountain of trees...real green trees plantation around the island. Island island . . People there celebrates LIFE! They dance, they enjoy. Care-free. I wish one day i can be like that.

At another island, there was this old lady called Pampo? Pampa? Her age was 123! Whats her secret for such a long live life? She sleep early, she dont eat after 6pm and she smoke thou but the secret ingredient is..she dont watch tv! Better throw out ur tv! & she just eat dumpling..some dumpling...

& one of the famous artist Calliste, stayed in a small shack in the island. His artworks even collected by the Queen of England. His famous work is the Mermaid..he said he saw a mermaid when he was 9 years old, which inspired him to draw mermaid.

& another island Dominica which means Sunday morning or Saturday morning? Cause Columbus discovered that island on the Sunday or Saturday morning. Haha. I have bad memory. Lovely lovely but mostly about the forest and waterfall. I think my dad will love it.

Then another island which i forgot the name, you can sightseeing some huge turtle there! the turtle weight around half a ton, one of the largest turtle and and the oldest species in the world! Wow i was amazed..they even have this awesome scientific name which i forgot. Anyway theres a chalet you can stay there, and when the turtle are settle down to lay eggs..the worker/guide will knock on your door and wake you up to go see the turtle! Normally around 5-6am.

Imagine you caressing the sugarly sand on the beach... I want to travel there one day! And my bora bora. I love globe trekker..i watched it since i was a little girl. They made me feel like in travel trance.

I should try and sleep. Got to meet google people tomorrow at 2pm and is 430am now :( Please sleep, maybe dream about the islands.

Dream on.

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