Tuesday, January 19, 2010

it's been awhile.

I just watched Mary and Max, a claymade feature film by Adam Elliot. It's been awhile since i felt so touched and attached to the story in a film. Lately all the movies were blooaahh or i don't know, i just don't get it anymore but this film gaves me hope.

The blunt animation shows the simplicity and reality of the world. The content, the story is so strong and i don't really care about the simple clay animation. Yet is charming and witty, humorous and real.

Is about life, friendship and being yourself. Trusting people, accepting others. Life is mainly about the journey, not the destination.

I laughed and cried together with Mary and Max. Definitely a special and well made film.


Dorothy Jen said...

i love the message u're trying to convey =)simplicity and reality of the world which are obviously what people had forgotten.. and savour every journey, every bit of life.

also, totally agree with you on the recent movies which are total baahhh =p

BuG said...

thank you Dorothy :) yup every bit of life, which i am trying to enjoy now. The bad and the good, doesnt matter..but currently sore throat = = haha.

Yea! I dont know why Malaysia cinema only have those horror or actionpack movies..and never those good old nice movies! gark!