Saturday, January 23, 2010

Expiry date.

Like what Chungking Express, Wong Kar Wai's movie said:" Everything have a expiry date, even human."

If 2012 is the Earth expiry date, what are the things that you want to do before it ends on you? I've been thinking, wondering, not because of 2012 but the fact that my life has an expiry date on it (which obviously i cant find the tag on my body, not like those can food products), scares me.

I have a list in my brain. A list, my bucket list, my dream list, my must-do-this-life-time list. What if i am expired before i even had the chance to cross out my list? Should we all know our own expiry dates, so that we are all well prepared and able to grab every chance we have before its too late? What if we are like the supermarket products, expiry dates just printed on our own body, reminding us every secs meant something to us.

Best before, Used by.......Are we still fresh and new? What is your expiry date?

Is not the thought of dying that i afraid of but the thought of getting eliminated, no longer needed, 淘汰, out of the "league" that scares me.


I read a book about blood type B, hey don't judge me :) Anyway i always interest in this kind of thing. The book is from a anonymous writer from Japan. Do you know Japanese and Korean really into blood types? I heard that even getting a job, the boss would check the employees' blood types. Mostly Americans and Europeans are type O or A. The confident, the leader, the team worker. Asians are mostly type B, the sensitive, individualist, thinker. It does explain why certain behaviours or traits are different between the West and the East. Can you see it?

Think i will gonna explain more later on!

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