Sunday, June 15, 2008

sem start

2nd year

Greetings! I going back Cyberjaya in another 10 hrs time i guess. 2nd year 1st sem will kickstart on Monday! * i miss mmu =)

Great i have to meet the always-dc-line again!! I can't live without internet! lol okei just joking, take me to an island i can stay there forever.... ( with ps3 and wii and psp.)


Anyway hope this sem i can do better. . . ! IKUZO!

* saw mr erwin ( my lect) status msg cause cheese yang kepoh itu ask me to see. I agree with mr erwin. The status is : Holidays are over! and yet i have done nothing to myself.

I FEEL THE SAME! haha. I know i've been gaming but . . . haha okei cya

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