Sunday, June 1, 2008


MH Gathering

Yo. Just back from a gathering at Oldtown, Cheras. LoL. Have to say a big thx to Dekhai cause he drove all the way fr wangsa maju to kepong and fetch me and go back to Cheras. ^^"

Anyway met alot new faces and some familiar fren aka Ryusher. LOL Is nice seeing you there thou. And he fetch me back kepong since he live at kepong too. THX!

The gathering, basically is bunch of mh players gather together and play together. haha. Not bad. Hope that my presence is "welcomed". - -" ngek. i look so shitty and noob HAHA.

There will be another huge gathering on june too! I am going there to meet some of my Johor frens and more fren. hahaaaaaa

Conclusion : 1st time go this kind of gathering abit anxious - - Then i still go order Milo at MCd...maaade made me stomachpain on the spot. Puik.

And another video we made , hunting xun long with no armor and with a twist at the end hehe:

p.s i have to control myself not to laugh and dance at the same time. IS DAMN FREAKING TIRING TO DO SO! LOL

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