Saturday, June 7, 2008


Rust or Bad Luck or Noob

Buki...(note is not puki so is not rude word k) anyway BUKI!!!!!! Few days no kai and i become so 菜鸟 aka noob ald. - -" How to hunt monster now!!? I am so sorry to those who kai with me cause i keep die 猫车.....i think the cat recognize we damn well, everytime grab me this wounded half dead hunter back to the camp. = 3= ( sry allen, sry kent~ )

Feel so disappointed, play game play till so bad. A lot more to learn and i am tired. TIRED!! tired of meeting the cat T_T

DON WAN 猫车 ALD! nooooooooo anti-cat. ( i am wearing neko ear desu) BUKI!

maybe this may sound weird but i am serious in this game. - - okei half-serious. Rawr.

and i am talking about monster hunter this game . teehee~

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