Saturday, June 7, 2008

Dance Dance Revolution

So you think you can dance?

When i was a small kid, i used to play this game call dance dance revolution from Ps1. If you don't know about it, i suggest you google 1st ya =D i love google. OKEI i have this 'thing' with dancing and i think dancing is fun and er exercisable. tee-hee. So i watch a lot of dance video on youtube and watch till i gone crazy! Their dance move is so awesome and it just give you goosebumps.

I know this looks crazy but ME, LilRabbito & Unknown person (which i prefer to call her XM) had made an damn freakin awesome video. We actually attempt to dance with 0% of dancing genes. where is that chromosome? =)

Beware! You will be blinded by our AWESOMENESS and ATTRATiVENESS! Don't worry awesomeness don't need to be repay =D and yes kungfu panda is funny.

Seriously those videos only for my "sweet memories", if you guys insist to watch i wont responsible for any ahem brain malfunction. HaHa. Our dance is awesome.

when i say awesome is not necessary mean awesome but is awesome. =P

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Sepet Vernz said...

OMG... You really did post it ah... haha =D @@