Sunday, June 8, 2008

my main point

The Real Panda Eat Bamboo

Like i say, the previous post was not intend to be a review post. LOL and YES i forgot what i want to write in the previous post instead i shall talk about music. =)

am was searching song for my blog. The only music that occur in my head is classical and Electronica..... =) yeah baby. I am so in love with Electronica. The beat the tune the sound is just so perfect for chill. (for me)

The current song is Black & Gold by SamSparro. Found this song unintentionally and is pretty awesome i must say. The front part, damn so fucking nice ( is quiet quiet thn gradually boom!). Whoever want this song can msn me. I willing to share hehe i got some other remix too. Or anyone is electronica lover and have plenty of fucking sicko songs SHARE with me pls. =)


Lets update abit :

*EXAM RESULT COMING OUT soooon. Excited, yet afraid. I am seriously did quite bad last sem. I wan to blame the subject and the homework is so not me. - -" okei blaming is bad.

*I feel sad these few days. =( but i will be okay in er 1 hr.

*I wan to upgrade my laptop . . . to prepare for next sem! That i have to see my result 1st , whether i pass or not. If everything is nice and cheesy i will be in my 2nd year next sem! Hooray to bug.

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