Wednesday, June 4, 2008

happy 21st bday sis

Bday 21st Sis

Happy Birthday to my whacky-crazy-sotplug sis. =D Yeah she taller than me, skinnier than me, sot plug than me. And she is my sis.

I know what you wish for , YOU WISH TO GAIN WEIGHT RITE? I GIVE YOU MY FLESH!! ahahaaaaa Anyway, hope you happy always and get what you want in your life. I know i always annoy you but you know i love you 1 rite =D

Mom gave her a surprise by printing her lovely face on muffins. We all can munch her up and er munch. ( she dont really like the idea that people can eat her up...)

Behold the cake sticker thingy :

Is print with edible inks.

Close-up! AHAA Dono where the hell my mom got this pic

My job is to cut her head into pieces =D

behold 21st years old CAKE! how adorable....human face on top. =D

May you have a smooth sail ahead dude~ muax.

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Sepet Vernz said...

thank u mommy for the muffin or cup cake!! But then... the eatable sticker thingy... =X

I wan the key... Guess I hav to buy for my self... BLing~*+*

Y this pic pula... iSH!!! there so many other pic wat! xD