Sunday, June 15, 2008

ojiji day!

Can't believe. My sweet lazy health-threatening holidays are officially over today. Happy father's day. ( why health-threatening? cause for 3 weeks , i slp at 6am and wake at 2-3pm ^^)

& Happy Open Sem.

Phew feel like is already been 3 years of holidays. I hate holidays specially when the DURATION IS NOT LONG NOT SHORT! mahai one month also don wan to give...3 weeks. haih. If holidays for 3 month i can work. = 3= thn i will have enough money to buy some stuff i want rather than waiting for sandy claws.

Don mind me. Just holiday-end-illness striking me again. HAHA Later gonna watch football match with my Cyber Hse mates...miss you guys! cya soon! back cyber in few hrs time.

CHEESE i wan my ff9! cya soon~ and the kote schedule will be yours =)