Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Hajimemashita! First Day

Today 1st day of my 2nd year! Woke up quite early to get ready to ban leng leng. HAHA i wore my new heels ( wtf heels i don wan wear anymore). I got to class in time and surprise to see my new lecturers. Okei is not totally new but yeah surprise. Mr. Kok Yong and Mdm Forest( i think i spell wrong the name).

Hope is a interesting sem even though i doubt that cause is all about informative design. Sigh. I wan game design! haha I can feel the pressure already thx to my lect. They showed us previous senior's works and emphasized the fact that those are grade A products. =)

yoshi. must do better than thm! Class ended at around 10am. Khairul, Cheese & me met my lovely hsemate Myra at the corridor and we all went to the new food court to makan!

New foodcourt really do look like food court and the foods are not really cheap. - -" sigh.

KhairulJ eating "burger" and chuu at the same time hehe

I ate yeemee. HAHA yea got claypot yeemee!!!

Kj with Myra.

Cheese and me. CHIAK! HAHA

Later on we went to check out new juniors in the old foodcourt but tak jadi. - - no sign of new comers!( Any lengzai juniors to intro? HAHA) we are juniors ^^

After that went back hse sleeeeeeeeeeppppppp till around 3pm and went to moral studies class. & NIAAAAAAAAA have to do social work. Repay the community. Yeah.

Finish class in 30min and went to TESCO! stock up some stocks for cooking! I GONNA COOK ! Before that kitchen have to be clean so me and fellow hsemates clean up our super unseenable kitchen. Took us almost 4 hrs. HAHA.


Ate some durians and everything just slow down~~~ slp.

p.s too tired to write.



Khairul Johari said...

yes. that is how to spell forest name

BuG said...

haha yea i saw the name in the brief too. forest!