Sunday, June 15, 2008

New Blog

Is not new, just change the template and header. AND yesh the header is me! tee-hee.

I don't know is too sexy or what(lmao), just does't fit the mood of my blog. I will change it soon. Why i draw that cause out of random. Was too excited to draw my own header so i random pick a photo with this pose and trace&draw it. I admit i draw my lashes longer to look more pretty AHA.

Took me almost 3 hrs to figure out the code and stuff - - damn my html is sux. I paid for internet application!!!!! NOOOOooooOoo! BTW c&c are welcome!

* thinking or drawing monster hunter images or me holding psp. ngek ngek addicted to gamesssssssss


书其 said...

whee!! new look!!

khairul anwar said...

the header is a lie! ahaha.

BuG said...

is not lie just enhance !


i think i will draw monster hunter soon HAHA

Sepet Vernz said...

my adorkable sis got talent sia~! xD